The Cradle of Sound

…taking time for herself…

She loved the way
the canyon cradled sounds
of this season’s life
Wafting buzz from below and yonder soft guitar strings strumming
Humming gently in her ear
Among rustling leaves nestled with chattering birds busy relating their tales of catching worms gobbling them whole as the feral cat sits vigil watching with eager hunger just beyond demise
Hummingbirds buzz in with lightening dart speed as the sun casts its daily dues
of dappling waves of heat along the soaring
tree topped speckled sky
Caw ca-caws of a lone crow in seek of his mate who eludes him temporarily on a shaded branch taking time for herself
Hound dogs yelp and holler corralled within hurricane chain fences just beyond the dirt roads curving route they seek only to round up one more wild boar or perhaps another tantalizing treat to put to fire and belly and please their master
Alas, they remain shackled in the hunt as mere aspiring dreams
Laurel at bay in the shadow and towering redwood flits and flutters as breezes rise and ebb
Two turtle doves figure eight near with stuttered gentle coos of love’s sweet promise of nurtured grey chicks in yonder nest unseen
Ah, yes, she loved the way the canyon cradled sounds of this season’s life.

At a Bird’s Level

…thus began this day.

Upon lifted fog above new sunshine,
conversations run in trees covering wings

Speckled eggs about to pop out if time and nature allows

Whispering hello sugar hummingbirds dip and dive into shallow nectar

Testing time without barrier
clouds above linger ready and ripe with rains soon

A brisk breeze runs across her back as a doe guides her fawn over fence to stream

Tickling the ground cover moist from shower, acorns tackle themselves getting gone among blackberry branches purging pith for spring and flowering sooner than later all for the want of berry

Beyond the crest of hill and dale a brook babbles on about this and that with particular places to go

Flat footed woodpecker uses talon and beak to eek out hidden treasure hidden under bark and ivy

Thus, began this day.

Eire go Braugh

“…side by side among her people stronger…”

Maeve sets down her septor held high

stepping away from throne and shedding crown

Casting aside jewels and dowry

In exchange for shield, steed and saber

Defending her tribe high on moors and heath

side by side among her people stronger

Uprising from strife of kingdom’s coming

Gaelic tongue speaking warrior language

worn with honor badgering resistance

Familial flashings with fury confronting

fishy contexts webbing tartans clan’s colors

showing through strong though threadbare

Stone faced and cold

granite plows into peat bogs

as cattle feel at home among grass and clover

Digging deep no amount could sway her

into the hillside dotted with sheep

peeping as heaving roads

rising up to meet in passive fury

a battle has begun

The countryside awakens

haziness rises in billows from

paths beaten but n’er forgot a soothsayer

storytellers sounds off spinning tales

eavesdrop just beyond window pane

of thatch covered roof

Donning velvet green heavy

under moss and Shamrock

Ready to break ancient spell of a nearby isle

Herding dogs race against fence’s clearing

against fence’s clearing as warriors defend the line

Bramble swiftly

Drawing in the flock

With hook and sentiment

Their fur cloaked with intensity and instinct

Lifts in tufts stained with berries

from patch and thornwith berries from


Knots woven tight and true

tight and true, aye, the battle won

Hunters pull in stock and barrel

along the harbor at land’s end stock

finding peace once again

in the emerald kingdom

Preparing for the feast

of victorious proportion

Sacred Heart and Ashes

…she finds solace in the sanctuary…

Running along the precipice of her insides turned out

seeking the vestibule to the outside

looking to the inside

looking out

looking in

Bringing together

from the outside in

heaven and earth

Through stained glass and shadows

with clasped hands and opening heart

with a gateway of vast space in between

her and the she she once was and the she she is becoming

still together she finds solace in the sanctuary

Laying one foot then another foot before then after the first foot then the second foot following then leading then criss-crossing cool cobblestone and crossroads

Venturing closer to authentic religion

she finds her warm skin dappled in shades of grey

towards the threshold of god

Seeking no more than the spirit in her heart and transcendence of her bullshit

She stepped past paradigms and procrastination finding herself in

realms righteous and pure beyond rulers and coloring her own between-the-lines

Of  her self

Of her whole soul naked and raw and innocent

She unveils the taste of magdalena’s blood on her lips

Parted gently drinking in truth from these sacred walls

Like the beating of her own blessed heart pumping in her chest steadfast

She sees her part in the collective spirit

as the totality of the some of its parts but one whole

with all the sum of its parts but less than whole

Wholesome food for thought, she mused

Wholesome, indeed, of thy wombed and blessed

purging poison now in the shattering light healing

With all of its wounds scars and mysteries unfolding baring naked to the world and all divine intervention altruism towards the self fuels the altruism towards others

She sees that in healing herself the path towards healing others is truly beginning

Finding the steps a bit uneasy at first in letting go the wind whispers

on the nape of her neck as angels dance upon her shoulders

With the flesh wound still raw she begins to heal as her soul releases its self-proclaimed shackles and cross she has tethered and nailed herself upon

Dropping to the floor a chainmail effect echo landed further up along the buttresses she cries up and clearly

As the humbled warrior princess finds solace in the sanctuary

far from the beast of angst

If only for a moment she lets go

Again lifting her spirit in exultation and humility

One foot in front of the other then another yet one more

The one that begins it all.

With that said she then began….

To become a salve with ingredients of experience

she must first boil to the point of ineffable flame

Flying higher than horizons seeking misty mornings and redwood crossings bearing her bare soul

Nothing is what it seems upon pushing through the door to the other side

Where did all the knowledge and humane humanity

now gone from the state of humanity?

Oh, humanity what hast thou done?

Connected to her days of life and those of others she pumps her fists down upon the pulpit resonating smartly

Narcissistic cravings to be greater then god innocent and pure, she hears them say

the disconnection unfolds as she realizes everything….everyone….including her Will have her day to die life everlasting is what it is

Shot down with a broken hearted arrow hummingbirds laugh and tangle fast among the billowy buds of crimson and light nesting in her hair

Crossing the sun rays of lofting ideals and liberty to soar to heights imagined in mere dreams beyond her philosophies

Something catches her eye and she is temporarily blinded to the sound of her own beating heart gilded lily lifting her spirit soaring past butresses and containment

Diving down towards earth wings shuddering and unsteady in the wind

She finds the earth tumbling closer and closer into terrifying depths

Go out on that windstream and find another current

For this one seems to be dragging her to no end

Find something to laugh about

To feel lightened about

To feel good about

Cross that in between apprehension and fear of and jump right in

towards self-fulfilling prophesy

Finding what appeals to her she slowly

She ever so slowly

She begins touching white and purity of heart

following its sound finding solace in solitude saved for herself

Perhaps she will begin to loop her heartbeat into those of others and be better off

There will be an uprising of epic proportion

The time has come to wave goodbye to the shooting stars, the fizzle has begun.

There requires of us a greater level of forgiveness…, not forgiveness for that implies that there has been some wrong doing

That there has been some fucking over with prayers seemingly… first…thought unanswered although no can still be an answer when yes simply won’t do

That is not necessarily the case in heaven here on earth

It is more a matter of choice of personal perspective and less of dithering didactic dogma

To see the weary and dizzying answers clarifying her eyes like bright sunshine streaming through the stained glass when the dimmest light exists

less of being forsaken and more of being fulfilled in what is meant to be

Making her own bed she has an epiphany as the rose petals settle in holy water

The choice she makes to get up and out of bed or rest in it for eternity is entirely up to her despite that age old customary timeless religion

It is a choice to greet each person she crosses paths with in a respectful and loving manner

It is a choice to treat herself in like manner

She settles into her own thoughts discovering that through the mire and treacle there is still something to have faith in, to finally see the sought after sacred heart strong enough

to sustain her eternally resides from within